Rotary Die Cutting - Baril Corporation

Rotary Die Cutting

Custom rotary die cutting solutions,
with inline multiweb lamination, inspection

Rotary Die Cutting

Baril's precision die cutting operations include multiple rotary die cutting machines, including the flagship Delta Crusader.

  • Capable of cutting intricate parts with multiple layers
  • Progressive die cutting: capable of registering multiple die cuts
  • Up to 8 webs in a single pass
  • Excellent tolerances
  • In-line laminating, slitting, and adhesive application available
  • Clean room rotary die cutting available
  • In-line machine vision inspection
  • Custom engineered production lines available based on project requirements

Baril's rotary die cutting capabilities also feature the full complement of Baril's expert engineering, design and material selection services. We work with clients from start to finish to ensure that every project delivers superior product functionality, scalable manufacturability and competitive economics. Routinely, our customers tell us that our first article quality is unmatched in the industry, and our track record of repeatable quality and product durability is equally strong.

Baril's automated, multi-station rotary die cutting presses can delivery high speed productivity with unrivaled precision. With our multi-web capabilities, in-line laminating, slitting and adhesive application, it is rare that a part conceived by one of our innovative customers cannot be manufactured effectively by our rotary converting team.

Collaborative Engineering Partnerships Ensure Program Success

Baril's success in die cutting and manufacturing challenging, mission-critical products and components to the highest standards is driven by a proactive approach to collaborative engineering.

Acting as an extension of our customers' technical teams throughout the product life cycle, Baril's engineers design production solutions that deliver the necessary product performance during prototype, testing and final production phases. Baril works closely with customers to identify potential product design problems that could impact manufacturability or performance in-use. We also assist in optimizing economics to meet client marketplace needs, refining product configurations, and materials selection. In some cases, Baril works with a client to design, develop and build custom production machines or configurations to meet unique product needs.

A Quality Commitment to Match Our Technical Expertise

At Baril Corp., we believe creative design capabilities and advanced engineering set us apart from other converters. But those capabilities are just the start. We also ensure that every customer project is a success by delivering the premier quality program in the precision die cutting and converting industry. Baril employs extensive quality processes and systems that govern how we operate our business. Our facilities are ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Beyond those certifications, we actively cultivate a culture of proactive attention to detail to ensure conformance with our demanding processes and protocols.

Our quality commitment can be seen in our full-time quality manager, our "quality by design" (QbD) approach to manufacturing, our validated and certified ISO 14644 Class 7 clean room with an environmental viable bioburden monitoring system and full IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and our state-of-the-art inspection systems (including machine vision systems).

Because so many products manufactured in the Baril plant are critical to saving or protecting human life, our quality programs deliver the documented reliability that these products demand.

A Broad Range of Manufacturing Capabilities

Baril's state-of-the-art facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts features a full complement of the latest die cutting and laser cutting technologies. In addition, we are constantly working with equipment manufacturers and designers to expand our capabilities with new and existing technologies.

Baril offers customers the full range of die cutting processes, including rotary, flat bed, clamshell, CNC, clean room and multiple laser cutting options. When our engineering team evaluates a customer part design, we are able to select the best available technology to satisfy the technical and financial requirements of the client program.

Project Oversight

When you work with Baril Corporation on a die cutting or converting project, you will be assigned a dedicated production engineer to act as the guardian for your project. This engineering professional will maintain full responsibility for all technical aspects of the project and will ensure your ultimate satisfaction with its outcome.

Our engineering and production teams will regularly review your program with you and communicate proactively about its progress. We will seek your feedback and make adjustments as needed based on your needs. Baril will also work to proactively recommend process improvements that we identify that we believe could help improve your business situation and competitiveness.