medical manufacturing


Baril has assembled the people, technology and facilities to provide the best in end-to-to-end contract manufacturing solutions to medical product companies in a variety of markets, including: Advanced Wound Care, Patient Monitoring, Surgical and Medical Disposables and Clinical Chemistry.

In addition to servicing the medical community, our experience working on life and death-oriented products translates well into non-medical markets where precision, quality and creative problem solving are also essential criteria in choosing a contract manufacturing partner.

Wound Care

We work with the latest materials, including silicones, foams, hydrogels and hydrocolloids to help design and produce solutions for any wound care need.

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 Patient Monitoring

Baril is working to make patient monitoring, safer and more comfortable for patients with innovative pulse oximetry components, electrode arrays and bluetooth enabled wearable sensors.

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Surgical and Medical Disposables 

Our medical die cutting, laminating, injection molding and materials expertise, combined with our creative approach to process engineering delivers effective solutions a wide range of disposable products.

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Clinical Chemistry

Baril is a recognized leader in contract manufacturing for IVD diagnostic and microfluidic products for life sciences, diagnostics and instrumentation companies around the world.

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Non-medical Markets 

The quality and precision of our medical manufacturing capabilities translate well into other demanding, non-medical markets such as Military & Homeland Security, Pharmaceutical Filtration and Alternative Energy.

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