medical disposables

Surgical & Medical Disposables

Performance. Quality. Cost-effectiveness.

Performance, quality and cost-effectiveness are integrally related factors in the production of surgical and medical disposables that are consumed during the administration of medical care. Baril is proud to have played an important role in the development and production of many life-saving and life-enhancing innovations over the past 40 years. We partner with leading medical companies on everything from components to manufacturing complete, private label products, helping them maximize the business potential of their products.

Category Experience

  • Drug delivery
  • Transdermal patches
  • Electrode arrays
  • Grounding pads
  • Patient safety (face shields, eye protection)
  • Infection control devices
  • Sleep apnea
  • Ophthalmology components

Case Study

A leading manufacturer of monitoring equipment asked us produce the electrode for their new product. The design for the electrode required an injection molded piece with very precise tolerances, the mold for which would take months to create. Our engineers designed an interim solution using multi-laminated, precision die cut, off-the-shelf adhesives which met their specs and bought them valuable time while their custom solution ramped up.

Our partner was able to immediately begin production of their new monitoring product and capture first mover advantage, beating their competition to market by 9 months. The custom designed electrode was introduced as an upgrade.