New N95-F Respirator Mask Designed to Combat COVID-19

New N95-F Respirator Mask Designed to Combat COVID-19

Baril Corporation and ViruDefense, Inc. Launch N95-F Respirator Mask to Combat COVID-19

Mass Production of the VDI-100 Projected To Start by June 2020

Baril Corporation and ViruDefense, Inc. today announced that the two companies have been collaborating over the past six weeks to develop high-capacity, US-based manufacturing capabilities of surgical N95-F respirator masks combining the filtration capabilities of N95 masks with the fluid resistance of surgical masks. This aggressive effort is in response to the market’s increased need and the significant supply chain disruptions brought on by the surge of COVID-19 in China, causing China to shift from the largest exporter to the largest importer of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

The new dual-function, advanced N95-F masks will be manufactured at Baril Corporation’s Massachusetts facility and are regulated by the NIOSH division of the CDC. They meet both NIOSH requirements for filtration and FDA requirements for fluid resistance, biocompatibility, and flammability. Subject to NIOSH approval, the respirator will be launched by ViruDefense under the mark VDI-100 Surgical N95-F Respirator Mask.

Baril Corporation has secured materials to manufacture in excess of 10 million respirator masks with commercial production by June 2020. The initial capacity is expected to be in excess of 250,000 per week. Subject to the availability of capital to increase production capacity, this number is expected to rapidly grow to 1 million respirators per week by Q3.

“Manufacturing this advanced surgical N95-F respirator mask using a high capacity manufacturing process aligns well with our core capabilities at Baril Corporation. Our adaptive engineering team and by-design reserve capacity allowed us to start on this project immediately, while our US-based supply chain relationships allowed us to decrease lead times dramatically,” said Dan Baril, CEO, Baril Corporation. “We are putting our 40+ years of experience to work to bring a high-quality product to the market as rapidly as possible to address this very important, unmet need.”

“As nurses and other caregivers on the frontlines of this pandemic continue to struggle to care for patients without access to desperately needed personal protective equipment, respirators and other vital supplies, the Massachusetts Nurses Association has been calling for all sectors of our society, including state and local governments, as well as the private sector, to do whatever is necessary to mobilize all resources to protect the public,” said Donna Kelly-Williams, RN, President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA). “This is a powerful, local example of that effort in action, and we look forward to working with all parties in the months ahead to address this public health crisis.”

“When we started working on this project in early February, most believed we were unnecessarily panicking – that this was a temporary China issue, not a devastating global problem,” said Pieter Muntendam, MD, Founder of ViruDefense. “The team at Baril fully engaged immediately, and we now find ourselves in a leading position with additional capacity for the manufacturing of an advanced N95-F surgical respirator.”

ViruDefense has reached out to the State of Massachusetts; Partners Healthcare, Inc.; and other organizations in Massachusetts to collaborate and provide funding that will enhance manufacturing capacity and allow an adequate supply of N95-F respirator masks to medical personnel, first responders, law enforcement, retail workers, and other essential personnel across Massachusetts.

About Baril Corporation

Baril Corporation is the premier end-to-end contract manufacturer of disposable medical products in infection protection, wound care, clinical chemistry, patient monitoring, and medical and surgical disposables. In addition to being QSR-GMP compliant and ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 14644-1 Class 7 and 8 Cleanroom certified, Baril is MDSAP-certified (Medical Device Single Audit Program) and holds itself to a higher quality standard. With a US-based supply chain, rapid prototyping capabilities, deep engineering expertise, and available capacity, Baril can pivot quickly to meet market demand.

About ViruDefense, Inc.

ViruDefense, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Burlington, MA. The company was formed to address an imminent shortage of respirators after the shutdown of the supply chain from China and other Asian countries in the first weeks of 2020. ViruDefense believes that high-quality respirator masks that combine N95 filtering capabilities with the fluid barrier of a surgical mask are the leading tool to protect front-line workers and prevent the spread of disease in the community.

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