“They are very good at communicating with me. They are a well run company and have a very professional staff with excellent knowledge of materials.”

“They are absolutely a partner. They go way beyond to accommodate my needs. I can depend on them, especially if I’m in a bind. I just love working with them.”

“I don’t think other converting companies really appreciate what goes into meeting our quality requirements the way Baril does.”

“If someone asks me for a recommendation, I tell them not to waste their time looking. Go to Baril. They will take care of you.”

“We are pretty picky and demand tight tolerances and Baril is very proficient at meeting our tolerances. Their quality is very good.”

“They make a very high quality product. We never have any rejects or defects. Their pricing is fair and the turnaround is good. I would certainly recommend them highly to anyone. All my experience has been very positive.”

“I know Baril is capable and I can count on them. They are customer service oriented, and there is not much turnover.”

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Baril as a supplier.”

“Baril is a great resource. They are very responsive. They go out of their way for me.”

“One thing I like is I can call their extremely capable senior managers directly to work through a technical issue.”