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The Baril Corporation team understands the life-and-death implications of providing our clients with reliable products they can trust. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our engineers and biologists are strategically focused on engineering, manufacturing, and deploying unparalleled, end-to-end solutions for our clients worldwide.

Whether you need a single component or a complete solution, we have the capacity and ability to take projects from product infancy with rapid prototyping and sampling to mass production with semi-automation and full automation capabilities. Our team evolves with the needs of our clients and continuously works to ensure that we manufacture products in the most efficient way as demand changes.

Whether you have a fully engineered prototype or just a new product idea sketched on a napkin, Baril engineers are ready to provide the creativity and expertise required to create high quality, life changing medical products.


Our engineers have various areas of specialization including Mechanical, Electrical, Bio-engineering, and Operations, but they all share something in common – creativity. We seek out talented men and women with both technical skill and imagination because we want problem solvers who will challenge themselves, each other, and their clients to do great work.

Baril engineers are fluent in a variety of engineering software including: SOLIDWORKS, AutoCADĀ®, and CimPACK.


With our innovative approach to project management we can help our partners significantly cut time to market.

Find out how Baril applies the principles of Concurrent Engineering to shorten development time and improve profitability.

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Baril has a deep understanding of how materials behave during the production process as well as in final use. We maintain close relationships with leading specialty materials vendors and have achieved preferred vendor status with many, often working with them on new product development and innovative applications.

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