Solutions Lab

Prototyping & Pilot Production

Our fully equipped Solutions Lab and agile team are dedicated to rapid prototyping and development of pilot production processes to help bring your products to market cost efficiently and quickly. Our clients work alongside our team of creative engineers and biologists to explore product designs, test alternative materials, and refine production techniques, all with an emphasis on design for manufacturability.

Once a product design is ready for testing, take advantage of our mini-production facility on our shop floor, which is dedicated to experimentation and exploration. Because it is physically and organizationally separate from manufacturing, there’s no waiting for capacity to open up. Our production-quality equipment mirrors what’s on the factory floor for a realistic process piloting environment with:

   7 station Delta rotary press

   Digital die cutting – CNC laser

   Multi-layer lamination

   Ultrasonic bonding and sealing

   Heat staking

   Flat bed presses

   3D printing

We also maintain an ample supply of sample stocks…adhesives, release liners, foams and films…to assist in rapid, cost-effective product and process development.

Contact us to discuss how our Solutions Lab can help you speed development and improve manufacturability for your new product introduction.

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