Wet & Dry Chemistry


New innovations in wound care products require more and more complex manufacturing processes. Baril provides our customers with access to advanced wet and dry chemistry capabilities and a talented engineering group able to manufacture a complete line of advanced wound care products – some of which contain antimicrobial properties – in an ISO 14644-1 Class 8 cleanroom environment.

Once a product design is ready for testing, take advantage of our mini-production facility on our shop floor, which is dedicated to experimentation and exploration. Because it is physically and organizationally separate from manufacturing, there’s no waiting for capacity to open up. Our production-quality equipment mirrors what’s on the factory floor for a realistic process piloting environment with:

   Accurate weighing/measuring of dry chemicals using a fume hood system

   Chemical cold storage and maintenance

   Reverse Osmosis water systems with weekly TDS checks

   Multiple sizes of mixing equipment/kettles to manage a variety of volume

   Full Quality Assurance & laboratory testing on WIP and finished product

   Humidity monitored & maintained drying rooms

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