patient monitoring

Patient Monitoring

Working with manufacturers of patient monitoring devices to help them affix sensors to the skin has long been a core competency of Baril. The advent of remote patient monitoring using wireless, wearable sensors that are worn for prolonged periods under a variety of conditions raises a host of new design and manufacturing issues.

Industry Leaders

Baril engineers are working with industry leaders in remote patient monitoring to help make wearable sensors safer and more comfortable. Baril’s expertise with medical adhesives, multilayer lamination, injection molding and precision die cutting can help design and produce safe, effective solutions for the most demanding patient monitoring applications.

If your monitoring device connects to the skin, contact us to discuss how an end-to-end contract manufacturing solution from Baril might help maximize the business potential of your product.

Category Experience

  • Pulse-oximetry
  • Respiration
  • Sleep research
  • Fitness and lifestyle monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Fall detection
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Fragile skin – infant and elderly

Devices & Components

  • EKG electrodes
  • EEG electrodes
  • Wearable sensors
  • Miniaturized sensors
  • Wireless sensors
  • Conductive adhesives
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Bonding and surface mount adhesives
  • Sleep apnea device components
  • Cable tethers
  • Medical device box build components
  • Flex circuit components


Baril’s CEO, Dan Baril, is an advisory board member for The Center for Personalized Health Monitoring (CPHM) at UMass Amherst’s Institute for Applied Life Sciences, a leader in collaborating with industry and clinical partners to pave the way for commercializing innovations and promoting economic development.

Case Study

A global medical device manufacturer using a single source to supply critical components for its leading line of cardiac monitors was experiencing unacceptable quality issues from their supplier that weren’t be addressed quickly enough. Expecting an almost year long process to get a second contract line up and running, they were surprised by Baril’s proposal.

Because Baril pulled out all the stops and found ways to streamline the build time and regulatory and quality vetting processes, our customer had their second line shipping product in 6 months…with no quality issues.