quality inspection


Quality Commitment

The Baril team understands that every day the health and safety of patients, soldiers and others depends on the quality of the products and components we manufacture. We approach everything we do with that responsibility in mind.

As part of Baril’s deep-rooted commitment to quality, we employ state-of-the-art systems and pay painstaking attention to every detail.  We strive to ensure conformance not only with independent certification standards, but with our own demanding ones as well. At Baril, we design quality into every process. It’s part of our culture. We call it “quality by design.”

Tools & Resources

  • Regular audits by independent certification bodies
  • Comprehensive inspection systems, including machine vision system and coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Internal and external regulatory affairs expertise available to assist with filings,protocol development, and other regulatory issues
  • Validated and certified ISO14644 Class 7 clean room with an environmental bioburden monitoring system and full IQ/OQ/PQ documentation